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Chinese poet Zhu Xi

Zhu Xi (朱熹)

Song Dynasty

Zhu Xi (September 15th, 1130 to April 23, 1200), line fifty-two, Xiaoming Lang, small word season extension, character yuan, one word Zhongkai, number 晦庵, late called 晦翁, also known as Mr. Ziyang, Mr. Kao Ting, Luzhou disease, Yungu old man, Weizhou disease, and Weng. Yi Wen, also known as Zhu Wengong. The Han nationality, the ancestral home of the South Song Dynasty Jiangnan East Road Huizhou Prefecture Wuyuan County (now Jiangxi Province Wuyuan), was born in Nanjianzhou Youxi (now Sanming City, Fujian). The famous philosophers, thinkers, philosophers, educators, poets, and representatives of the school of the Southern Song Dynasty, known as Zhu Zi, are the most outstanding masters of Confucianism since Confucius and Mencius.