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Chinese poet Zhao Tingyu

Zhao Tingyu (赵廷玉)


Zhao Tingyu, (?-) Born in the home of the landlord of Ningwu, Shanxi, nine brothers, ranked fifth, Zhao Tingya's brother, Zhao Tingying's brother. He was admitted to the 5th Infantry Division of Baoding Army Officer School, and his six brothers Zhao Tingying and Fu Zuoyi, Zhao Chengyu and Yang Yaofang. After graduating in 1918, he returned to Shanxi and started from the Jinjun platoon leader. He was promoted to the head of the Fu Zuoyi Department and the director of the Military Department of the Suiyuan Provincial Government. Shortly after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War in 1937, Zhao Tingyu was ordered by Fu Zuoyi to serve as the director of the Jinjun Grain Service. Temporarily left the front line, went to Taiyuan and northwestern Shanxi and other places, raised money for the army, and returned to Ningwu in October. At the time when the Japanese army broke Ningwu City, General Zhao was alone, holding a pair of guns and the Japanese army in a fierce battle, and eventually they were outnumbered and succumbed to the country.