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Chinese poet Zhao Bixiang

Zhao Bixiang (赵必象)

Song Dynasty

Zhao will be like the word Yuyuan, Dongguan. Born in the Song Lizong Yuyou five years, died in Yuan Shizu to the 31st year, 50 years old. In the first year of Xianyu, (AD 1265) and the father worshipped the same scholar. The first high-ranking priest, taking four orders, and then Nankang Wen Tianxiang opened Huizhou, the Huizhou military judge. Entering the yuan, seclusion in Wentang Village. Work poetry, physical and refreshing, there are six volumes of the collection, two volumes of poetry, one volume of long and short sentences, two volumes of essays, one volume of appendix, and the book "The Four Heads of the Four Masters".