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Chinese poet Yang Wei

Yang Wei (杨楷)


Yang Wei (1864-?), Sanshui, Guangdong. In the early years, he entered the Fujian boat geisha. Before 1910, he served as the big ship of the Qinghai Navy's "Haicang" cruiser. In May 1912, the chief engineer of the "Haicang" cruiser turbine was commissioned. On January 11, 1913, he was appointed as the Naval Lieutenant Colonel by the Beijing government of the Republic of China. On May 9, he was given the fifth-class Wenhuzhang. In 1916, the New Year's Day was promoted to the third-class Wenhuzhang. In April, it was transferred to the Navy's First Fleet, and on October 12, it was awarded the first class gold medal. In the 1917 New Year's Day, he was promoted to the sixth-class Jiahezhang. In July, he joined the First Fleet and went to Guangzhou to participate in the law-protection movement. On July 7, 1919, he was given the second-class Wenhuzhang by the Guangzhou Military Government. On January 5, 1920, the military government awarded the Major General of the Navy, and on December 10, 1920, served as the chief engineer of the "Haicang" cruiser.