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Chinese poet Yang Jian

Yang Jian (杨坚)

Modern generation

(541-604) Founder of the Sui Dynasty. Hong Nong Hua Yin people, small characters that are lingering. Yang Zhongzi. In the Northern Zhou Dynasty, he attacked the Duke of the Father. The woman is the Queen of the Northern Zhou Dynasty Emperor. Ren Bianxiang, the general government. To annihilate the emperor and kill it, to stand on its own and establish the Sui Dynasty. After the emperor's seven years of death, Liang Liang, nine years of extermination of Chen, ended the three hundred years of splitting since the end of the Western Jin Dynasty and unified the country. When reigning, we will strengthen centralization, reform the official system and the military system, select talents through examinations, and abolish the nine-in-one system. All measures will have a greater impact on future generations. Renshou was seriously ill for four years and was killed by the prince Yang Guang. Twenty-four years in office.