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Chinese poet Yan Wei

Yan Wei (颜棫)

Song Dynasty

Yan Wei (1154-1206), Minister of the Southern Song Dynasty, the word Shujian, Fujian Yongchun people. In the seventh year of Emperor Song Xiaozong's reign (1180 AD), he was first recommended in the township and entered Taixue. In the 12th year of the reign of Emperor Xixi (AD 1185), the two were awarded to Wenzhou, and in addition to Guozizheng, they were named after Wu Hunt and Xiang Anshi. It consists of two halls and two palaces. Knowing Chizhou, to control the ability to smell. He cited Changping in Jiangdong, and had achievements in disaster relief and relief. He was called Song Zheng Shaoqing, and the Russian moved to the Chinese scholars and Zhi Hanlin. The year of the 52nd. When Yan Yan was young, he was studied by Fu Boshou, and both the teacher and the student were in charge of the palm of the hand. He is the author of "Book of Rites", "Inside and Outside the System" and "Poetry" forty volumes. Yan Yan is famous for his literary world, but his late aunt Han Han, the grass system has been too sloppy, and he is thin.