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Chinese poet Xie Nanan

Xie Nanan (谢图南)

Song Dynasty

Xie Tunan (1192~1273) Tongnan County, Tong'an County, Southern Song Dynasty. In the four years of Jiading (1211), when he entered the official career, he was enlisted to recruit Fang Yue peasant army. In the thirteenth year (1220), he was ordered to appease the Qiongzhou. He used to appease and use Limin, who had been involved in the gathering. In one fell swoop, the restaurant was with 300 households, and the family was settled in Tongan County. The government was built in the small northwest area. In the second year of Jiaxi (1238), the Chaoyuan Temple was built, and the three halls were two magnificent, magnificent and magnificent. Because of this view as a family temple, it was reported that the danger was unexpected. Since then, he was deeply impressed by his career, and decided to retire to return home, to show his demeanor, after the poetry and wine, to respect the Buddha's way, since the number of Tianyizi.