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Chinese poet Wu Wenli

Wu Wenli (吴闻礼)

Ming Dynasty

Wu Wenli was a famous minister of the Qing Dynasty. The word goes wrong, Nan Zhili Xiuning people. Mother Cheng is widowed in his twenties and raises him. After the reincarnation, Chongzhen, the end of the scholar. The court built a memorial archade for its mother. In the first year of Hongguang, Nanjing fell. Wu Wenli summoned the township in his hometown to fight against the Qing. After entering Fujian, I saw the Emperor Wu of the Long, and the Emperor of the Warrior gave a visit to the governor of Fujian to guard the Xianxia Pass. After Zheng Zhilong darkly clear, the soldiers have no fighting spirit, and they are eager to drop. Wu Wenli was killed by the ministry, and the soldiers were cleared. The soldiers had more than a hundred manpower battles and they all died.