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Chinese poet Wen Tingjun

Wen Tingjun (温庭筠)

Tang Dynasty

Wen Tingjun (about 812-866) Tang Dynasty poet and poet. The real name is 岐, the word Feiqing, Taiyuan 祁 (now southeast of Shanxi Province). Rich in genius, literary agility, each test, swearing rhyme, eight forks into eight rhymes, so there is also the "Wen Ba fork". Then I will not be embarrassed, but I will be ashamed of the power, and I will make more jealousy. When I take it, I will continue to be a singer, and I will be detained for a long time. The official teacher of the country. Proficient in temperament. The work poem, together with Li Shangyin, is called "Wen Li". His poetry is gorgeous, exquisite and exquisite, and the content is more lyrical. The achievement of his word art is above the poets of the late Tang Dynasty, and he is the chief lyricist of the "Flower School", which has a great influence on the development of the word. In the history of the word, it is the same as Wei Zhuang, and it is called "Wenwei". More than 70 words were saved. Later generations include "Wen Feiqing Collection" and "Golden Collection".