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Chinese poet Wei Daoxun

Wei Daoxun (韦道逊)

Song Dynasty

Wei Daoxun, Jing Zhao Duling. Zeng Zusu, with Liu Yizhen crossed the river. Zu Chong, from the Song Dynasty to the Wei, lived in Luoyang, Henan, and the official to Huashan Taishou. Dao Xun and his brother Dao Mi, Dao Jian, and Dao Ru were well known for their literature. Dao Xun, Wu Pingchu Shangshang Zuozhong Bing, Gatong straight to ride the assistant, enter the hall, and add a direct waiter. "The Whole Tang Poetry" received 1 poem "Late Spring Banquet", which was listed as the author of the World Book. According to Wei Daoxun, the "North Qiqi" volume has been passed down for four or five years. It is a person of Jingzhao Duling (now northeast of Chang'an County, Shaanxi Province), living in Luoyang, Henan. Known early in literature. After the Northern Qi Dynasty, the main Wuping was appointed as the left middle soldier of the Shangshu, and Jiatong was directly riding the assistant. Admission to the library, plus direct service. The year of death is unknown. "Full Tang Poetry" misunderstood the income of the Tang people.