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Chinese poet Wang Xueqian

Wang Xueqian (王学潜)


Wang Xueqian (1868—1927) Taiwanese poet. The word Qingqi, the number of fearful, Taiwanese Changhua people, moved to Taichung in the Qingshui three blocks. In the Guangxu period, Taiwan County was born. Capital Yingmin, rich machine slightly, after the Japanese in 2003, he served as Zhuangchang, and he resigned. In 1901, he was commissioned by the Taichung District Court to investigate the old habits. It also benefited from the joint venture of sugar companies and bamboo companies such as Lin Ziyi and Cai Huiru. In August 1902, he was awarded the Peizhang chapter. The book can be a poem, and it is one of the twenty-four members of the Shushe Society. He is the author of "Qing Qi Shi Cao".