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Chinese poet Wang Changling

Wang Changling (王昌龄)

Tang Dynasty

Wang Changling (698-756), the word Shaobo, Hedong Jinyang (now Shanxi Taiyuan) people. The famous frontier poets in the prosperous Tang Dynasty are known as the "seven holy hands". In the early years of poverty, trapped in farming, the year is not confused, the beginning of the scholar. The first secretary of the provincial school school, Lang Lang, and the Chinese scholars, the words of the slogan, the slogan of Lingnan. With Li Bai, Gao Shi, Wang Wei, Wang Zhixuan, Cen Shen and so on. At the end of the Kaiyuan, he returned to Chang'an and changed Jiang Ning. Was labeled as a dragon. An Shi chaos, killed for the thorns of the history. His poems are long in the seven, especially before going to the northwestern frontier. The poems of the poetry, Wang Jiangning, are also known as "the poet's emperor Wang Jiangning".