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Chinese poet Tang Wenzhi

Tang Wenzhi (唐文治)


Tang Wenzhi (1865—1954), the word Ying Hou, No. Weizhi, the late ruin, Qing Tongzhi four years (1865) was born in Taicang, Jiangsu on October 16 and settled in Wuxi in the first year of the Republic of China (1912). Famous educator, pioneer of engineering, master of Chinese studies. In the 18th year of Emperor Guangxu (1892), Zhong Shishi, the official to the Qing Agriculture and Industry and Commerce Department, and the Deputy Secretary of the Book. After withdrawing from politics, he devoted himself to education. He once served as the supervisor of Shanghai Higher Industrial School (predecessor of Shanghai Jiaotong University) and the Higher Merchant Shipping School of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. He founded the private Wuxi Middle School (the predecessor of Wuxi No. 3 Senior High School) and the Wuxi National College (predecessor of Suzhou University). He died in Shanghai in April 1954 and was 90 years old. His works include "The Collection of Ru Jingtang", "The Outline of the Thirteen Classics", "The Great Meaning of the National Classics and the Longitudes of the Scriptures", and "The Customs Chronicle of Mr. Ru Jing".