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Chinese poet Tan Liren

Tan Liren (谈立人)


Tan Liren, formerly known as Orthodox, once renamed Yu Zong and Tan Feng. Born in November 1916, Zhili Ninghe County (now Tianjin) Ninghe Town. Joined the Communist Party of China in 1941. In 1937, he applied for the National Revolutionary University and participated in the Anti-Japanese War in Shanxi. He used to be a reporter and editor. In 1954, he served as deputy director of the Ministry of Industry of Liaoning Provincial Committee, deputy secretary general of the provincial party committee, director of Liaoning Provincial Economic Commission and Science and Technology Commission, deputy governor of Liaoning Province, and retired from the second line in 1983, served as consultant of Liaoning Provincial Government and second of China Quality Management Association. Vice President of the 3rd, Senior Advisor of the National Economic Information Network Association, Consultant of the China Cooperation Economics Association, Consultant of the Technical and Economic Advisory Committee of China Petrochemical Corporation, and Vice President of the Chinese Poetry Society.