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Chinese poet Shi Zhiyu

Shi Zhiyu (释智愚)

Song Dynasty

Shi Zhiyu (1185 - 1269), No. Xutang, common name Chen, Siming Xiangshan (now Zhejiang). The 16-year-old Pu Ming Temple, who is close to you, has a home. Baoyou four years (1256), at the peak of Lingyin Temple, was invited to stay at the Ayutthaya Temple in Qingyuan. Jingding first year (1260), stayed at Baiyan Huizhao Temple. In the five years (1264), he was accused of Lin'an Fujing Fuen Temple. In the first year of Song Duong Xian Xian (1265), he moved to Shanxingsheng Wanshou Temple. Five years (1269), death, eighty-five years. For the sake of the martial arts.