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Chinese poet Shi Dehong

Shi Dehong (释德洪)

Song Dynasty

In the fourteenth year, both parents died, according to the three peaks of the Zen master as a boy. Zhezong Yuanyou four years (1089), tried to pass through the Tennoji Temple in Tokyo, and the name of the tribute to the flood was 僧. After four years, Nangui, Yizheng Jingzheng was transferred to the Songzong Temple in Songshan, and moved to Shimen in Hongzhou. At the age of twenty-nine, he lived in Dongwu, Hengshan, Jinling and other places, and lived in Jinling Qingliang Temple. Imposing a shaved incident, imprisoned for one year, ordered to return to the vulgar. After arriving in Tokyo, he entered the singer Zhang Shangying and the fascinating Guo Tianxin, and then he was given the name of the treasure. Hui Zongzheng and the first year (1111), Zhang and Guo Yan were also implicated, and they were assigned Zhu Yajun (now Sanya, Hainan). Three years, released. In the four years, I returned to Ganzhou and the museum was in Hetang Temple. Later, he was detained by the Zhang Huai Su Party, Nanchang Prison, and he was sent to Hunan on the South. Gao Zong Jian Yan died two years, fifty-eight years.