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Chinese poet Shangguan Yuer

Shangguan Yuer (上官婉儿)

Tang Dynasty

Shangguan Yuer | (664-710 July 21), Fu surname Shangguan, Xiaozi Yuer, also known as Shangguan Zhaorong, Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi County (now Shaanxi Province, Sanmenxia City, Shaanxi Province), Tang Dynasty female official, poet Huangfu. After being sinned by his grandfather Shangguanyi, he was accompanied by his mother Zheng. At the age of fourteen, he was re-used by Wu Zetian for his wisdom and good writing. He was in charge of the palace for many years and had the name of "the prime minister of the shackles." During the Tang dynasty, the seal was for the sake of Zhao Rong, and the power was more prosperous. It had a prominent position in the political and literary circles. Since then, it has been in charge of the decree of the inner court and the foreign dynasty. It has been proposed to expand the library and add a bachelor's degree. During this period, he presided over the elegance of the court. On behalf of the imperial court, he tasted the poems of the world, and the singer of the poems gathered for more than one time. The "Full Tang Poetry" received 32 poems. In 710, Linyi Wang Li Longji launched a military coup in Tang Long and was killed at the same time as Wei.