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Chinese poet Otter

Otter (水梓)


Minamata (1884-1973) Lanzhou, Gansu, native of Zhejiang, the word Chuqin, the late Qing Dynasty Gongsheng, Gansu liberal arts college, graduated from Beijing Law School. A famous educator in Gansu, Tao Li is in the world, and he is good at calligraphy and poetry. The genius of political law, Buddhism, poetry and calligraphy is one of the first names in Lanzhou. The four years in which the otters studied in Beijing were also the most violent four years of political turmoil in China. Both the otters and our country experienced a super-fission from thought to spirit. Returning to his hometown of Lanzhou, the identity of the otter has been converted into an educator, and after that, he has been recognized as a famous scholar, poet and calligrapher in modern times because of his achievements. The calligraphy of Minamata is known for his long lines, elegant and ethereal.