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Chinese poet Ma Guangzu

Ma Guangzu (马光祖)

Song Dynasty

Ma Guangzu (about 1201 - 1270), the word Hua father, No. Yuzhai, Song Zhejiang Dongyang Mazhai Town (one said the city west) people. Granted Yuzhai, Feng Jinhua County, nickname Zhuang Min. Born in the Southern Song Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty Geng Shennian August 24 (AD 1200), Baoqing Bingyin Year (AD 1226) "tested Nangong into the official." After the appointment of the Jiangjiang system, Jiangdong transshipment, Zhilin Anfu (present-day Hangzhou), Sanzhi Jiankang (now Nanjing), Hubu Shangshu, university scholars, Xianyi three years (AD 1267) to visit the political affairs, salty In the next five years (AD 1269), he was promoted to the Privy Council, and he was honored by Dr. Jin Ziguanglu (Guanglu, the person who added the Golden Medallion). Ma Guangzu died in the Xianyou Year (1273 AD) on May 15th, at the age of seventy-four. Ma Guangzu is the famous name of the Song Dynasty with Fan Zhongyan and Wang Anshi, and "Song History·Volume Four One Six" has a biography.