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Chinese poet Lu Sizhen

Lu Sizhen (吕思勉)


Lv Siwei (1884.2.27-1957.10.9), the word Chengzhi, pen name yak, Cheng Hao, Yan and so on. Han nationality, Changzhou, Jiangsu. Chinese modern historian and master of Chinese studies. Together with Qian Mu, Chen Yu and Chen Yu, they are called "the four great historians of modern China" (Strictly cultivated words). Lifelong commitment to historical research and historical education. In the early years, he was also an editor at Shanghai Zhonghua Book Company and Shanghai Commercial Press. In 1951, he entered the History Department of East China Normal University and was awarded the first-class professor of history. Representative works of Lu Siwei's historiography include "The History of the Vernacular Chinese", "The History of the Chinese in the Lu", "History of the Qin and Han Dynasties", "The History of the Pre-Qin", "The History of the Two Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties", "The History of the Sui and Tang Dynasties", "The Reading of the History of the Lv Si-Yi", "Literature of the Song Dynasty" and "Pre-Qin" Introduction to Academics, "Chinese National History", "The History of Chinese Institutions", "Four Types of Philology", "Lü Sizhen's Reading History", etc.