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Chinese poet Liu Guangqian

Liu Guangqian (刘光谦)

Tang Dynasty

Tang Xiang Liu Guangqian, born in 682 AD, is proficient in Shangshu, Chunqiu, Tang Xuanzong, Kaiyuan, and the first year of the Yuan Dynasty (the year 718), Emperor Li Longji gave the Zuo Zhengchao to the doctor to give the fish to the bag; , the living room people, the military department Shangshu, ranked in the Qing, the prime minister, the new and old Tang Shu Li Chuan. At the same time as Li Bai, Du Fu, and Zhang Guo, after the establishment of the Bachelor's College in the 20th year of Kaiyuan, he was the head of Hanlin's bachelor's degree. He led the Jixianyuan think tank and won the Emperor's Emperor's weight. He was the director of the Eight Sights of the Curtains. The Royal Magazine has a ceremonial calendar and so on. In the first year of Emperor Dezong (AD 780), the public was devastated and became a fairy. He was 98 years old. He was raised in the Tashan Fengshui Treasure on the east side of Changqing Temple according to the rules of Shengxian, and he called it "Xianren Tomb".