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Chinese poet Liang Qixun

Liang Qixun (梁启勋)


Word policy. New meeting people. Famous philosopher of the 20th century in China. And Xia Jingguan, Liu Yupan, Wu Mei, Wang Yi, Wang Dong, Gu Sui, Ren Na, Chen Yushi, Liu Yongji, Cai Wei, Yu Pingbo, Xia Chengyu, Tang Guiyi, Long Yusheng, Zhan Antai, Zhao Wanli, etc. a pulse. Liang Qixun is the biggest brother of Liang Qichao. In 1893, he entered Guangzhou Wanmu Caotang and learned from Kang Youwei. After studying in the United States, I went to Columbia University to study economics. In December 1937, he became the director of the investigation office of the Foreign Exchange Bureau of the Provisional Government of the Republic of China. He is the author of "Study of Ci", "Study of Ci Poetry", "Introduction to Chinese Rhyme", "Jianxuan Cishu", six volumes, and "Manshu Room Essay" five volumes. He also translated "Analysis of Social Psychology" and "World History of the World". Liang Qixun loved Mei for a lifetime, and he wrote a good word. He has the book "Haibo Ci", which is the monograph of his plum.