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Chinese poet Li He

Li He (李贺)

Tang Dynasty

Li He (about 791 AD - about 817 years), the word Changji, Han nationality, Henan Fuchang (now Yiyang County, Henan Province), the home of Fuchang Changgu, later known as Li Changgu, is the descendant of the Tang dynasty Zheng Wang Li Liang . Known as the "Poetry Ghost", it is a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty who is synonymous with "Poetry" Du Fu, "Poetry" Li Bai, and "Poetry Buddha" Wang Wei. There is "Changgu Collection". Li He is a romantic poet in the Tang Dynasty, and Li Bai and Li Shangyin are called the Three Lis of the Tang Dynasty. There is a saying that 'Taibaixiancai, Changji ghosts'. Li He is another popular romantic poet in the history of Chinese literature after Qu Yuan and Li Bai. Li He has long been depressed and sentimental, bitter and bitter lifestyle Yuan and eight years (813 years) resigned from Fenglilang to return to Changgu, and died at the age of 27.