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Chinese poet Kong Zhongliang

Kong Zhongliang (孔仲良)

Tang Dynasty

Kong Zhongliang, a native of Qufu, Shandong, the fourth eleventh generation of Confucius. In the second year of the Tang Dynasty (826), he was promoted to the Putian County Order by Qingyang. Tang Zhenyuan and Taihe Zhong are the squatting orders of the Tiantian, the ancestors of the county, and the descendants of the ancestors of the county. Song Shaoxing Yihai, Zhu Xi over the defensive order, is the version of his book, the forty-nine generations of Sun Kong Yihu, Yu Youzhong Zhongjiang Academy. In the Tang Dynasty, Confucius’s 41st generation Sun Kong Zhongliang was appointed by the court to the Putian County magistrate and died. According to the genealogical record, Kong Zhongliang was a clean official. When he died, he "does not save a trace." Kong Zhongliang had three sons and did not entangle and return to his original place, so he stayed in Hanjiang in Putian to settle down.