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Chinese poet Kong Zhaoyu

Kong Zhaoyu (孔昭绶)


Kong Zhaoxi (1876 - 1929), a modern Chinese educator, politician, news publisher, poet. The word is right, the number is competing, and the pen name is contemptuous. Changsha Liuyang Dongxiang Daban people. Confucius's seventy-first grandson. In the winter of 1910, he graduated from Hunan Excellent Normal School. In 1913, he served as the president of Hunan First Normal School, advocated student autonomy and self-help, and established a skill meeting (ie, a division of alumni association). Because of the publication of anti-Yuan Yuwen, he fled to Japan. In 1914, he studied at Hosei University in Japan and obtained a bachelor's degree in law. In September 1916, he re-established the headmaster of any division, and hired Xu Teli, Yang Changji and other faculty members to use the "shame shame" as a school motto to carry out patriotic education and was hailed as "a pioneer of democratic education." He died in Nanjing in 1929.