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Chinese poet Jin Zhaofan

Jin Zhaofan (金兆蕃)


Jin Zhaofan (1869-1951) The original name 襄, the word 篯孙, the drug dream old man, Xiushui (now Jiaxing) people. In the late Qing Dynasty, he moved to Pinghu County. In the fifteenth year of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing dynasty (1889), he was a member of the Cabinet, and he was the author of "Contracting the Beginning and Ending of Nations" and devoted himself to reform. I have learned a lot about it, and I have 6 volumes of "Anle Township Poetry" and 4 volumes of "Drug Dream Words". Also familiar with the history of Manchuria, there are "Jianzhou Fact" and more than 100 articles. In his later years, he continued to edit the "Li Shi Department".