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Chinese poet Hu Su

Hu Su (胡宿)

Song Dynasty

Hu Su (999-106), the word Wuping, Changzhou Jinling (now Changzhou, Jiangsu) people. Renzong Tiansheng two years (1024) Jinshi. The officer of the calendar is Yangzi, and he is sentenced to Xuanzhou, Zhihuzhou, the transfer of the two Zhejiang, the repair of the living note, the knowledge system, the Hanlin bachelor, and the ambassador. In the third year of Yingzong Zhiping (1066), he was known as the assistant minister of Shangshu and the bachelor of Guanwendian. In the past four years, in addition to the prince's lesser, he has not died until his death, and he is seventy-three years old ("Ouyang Wenzhong's Official Collection", Volume III, "Hu Gong's Epitaph". He was an official in the Northern Song Dynasty, Renzong and Yingzong, and he was a princely deputy ambassador. He was accommodating in peace, being generous, and standing upright.