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Chinese poet Hou Yu

Hou Yu (侯畐)

Song Dynasty

Hou Yu (1204 - 1258), the word Daozi, No. Frost Cliff, Song Dynasty, Songshan City, Zhejiang Province, Shaoshan City (now Puqi Town) people. Sangong in the township, the two test transshipment divisions, are the first, the entrance examination, not taken, abandoned the martial arts. In the 7th year of the Southern Song Dynasty (1247), he took the post of Wuju, and served as the director of Hepu County (now Guangxi), Liucheng (now Liuzhou of Guangxi), the office of Weibu Jun, and the chief of the military guard of the army. Baoyou five years (1257), transferred to Haizhou (now Lianyungang) and sentenced to the Henan government. In November of the following year, the rebel Li Songshou (renamed Li Wei after the Yuan Dynasty) was separated from Shandong. He led the troops to attack the Lishui and Zhangzhou areas, and the Department of the Ministry of Defense fought against them. They were defeated by heroes and died at the age of 55.