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Chinese poet Guo Moruo

Guo Moruo (郭沫若)


Guo Moruo (1892 - 1978), formerly known as Guo Kailuo, the word Dingtang, No. Shangwu, milk name Wenbao, pen name Mo Ruo, Mac Ang, Guo Dingtang, Shi Yi, Gao Yuhong, Yang Yizhi and so on. Born in Shawan, Leshan, Sichuan on November 16, 1892, graduated from Imperial University of Kyushu, Japan, one of the founders of modern writers, historians, and new poetry, the first president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first president of the University of Science and Technology of China, and the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Foreign academician. In 1914, Guo Moruo studied in Japan and studied medicine at Kyushu Imperial University. In 1921, he published the first new collection of poems, "Goddess"; in 1930, he wrote "The Study of Ancient Chinese Society." In 1949, Guo Moruo was elected as the chairman of the All-China Literature and Art Association. On June 12, 1978, due to long-term treatment due to illness, he died in Beijing at the age of 86.