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Chinese poet Ginseng

Ginseng (岑参)

Tang Dynasty

Cen Shen (about 715-770 years), the Tang Dynasty poet, the Nanyang people, the Taizong time heroes 岑 text grandchildren, and later moved to Gangneung. [1-2] Geng Shen was a poor man in his early years. He studied from his brother and went through history books. Tang Xuanzong Tianbao three years (744 years) Jinshi, the beginning of the rate of the soldiers Cao joined the army. After the second time from the military side, first in the Anxi Festival to make the Gaoxianzhi shogunate secretary; in the last year of Tianbao, Feng Changqing was the northwestern court of the time, and judged the shogunate. On behalf of the Zongzhong, Zengguan Jiazhou thorn history (now Sichuan Leshan), the world is called "Zhejia State." In the five years of the calendar (770 years), he died in Chengdu.