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Chinese poet Gai Jiayun

Gai Jiayun (盖嘉运)

Tang Dynasty

Gai Jiayun, the birth and death years are unknown, Tang Xuanzong was a man. In Kaiyuan, the official to the North Court is the guard house (the governing court, now the northwest of Qitai, Xinjiang). He ruled that the Western Turkic Ten-Yuan tribes were in Zhuzhou. In the first year of Emperor Xuanzong, the northern court of the Yixi Festival was set up by the Northern Court, and the tyrannical sea, the Tianshan, and the Yiwu army were used by 20,000 people to prevent the formation of a sudden ride. In the west of the Yili River in Xinjiang, east of the hot sea, and the tribes of Muqun.