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Chinese poet Fan Chengda

Fan Chengda (范成大)

Song Dynasty

Fan Chengda (1126-1193), the word enables, known as Shihu lay. Han nationality, Pingjiang Wu County (now Suzhou, Jiangsu) people. Southern Song Dynasty poet. Yan Wenmu. Starting from Jiangxi, I learned the middle and late Tang poems and inherited the realist spirit of Bai Juyi, Wang Jian, Zhang Ji and other poets, Xin Yuefu, and finally became a family. The style is easy to show, fresh and charming. The poems have a wide range of subjects, and the works that reflect the content of rural social life have the highest achievements. He and Yang Wanli, Lu You, and You Wei are collectively referred to as the "Zhongxing four great poets" in the Southern Song Dynasty.