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Chinese poet Du Fu

Du Fu (杜甫)

Tang Dynasty

Du Fu (712-770), the word beauty, from the number of Shaoling wild, the world called "Du Gong Department", "Du Shaoling", Han, Henan Gong County (now Gongyi City, Henan Province), the great reality of the Tang Dynasty The poet of the doctrine, Du Fu was honored as "the poetry of the poetry" by the world, and his poem was called "history of poetry". Du Fu and Li Bai collectively called "Li Du". In order to distinguish it from the other two poets, Li Shangyin and Du Mu, "Little Li Du", Du Fu and Li Bai also called "Da Li Du". He is worried about the country and the people, and his personality is noble. His more than 1,400 poems have been preserved, and his poetry is exquisite. He is highly respected in Chinese classical poetry and has far-reaching influence. Between 759 and 766, he lived in Chengdu, and later in the world there was a memorial to Du Fu.