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Chinese poet Composing

Composing (毕构)

Tang Dynasty

Bi Construction (650-716) Minister of the Tang Dynasty. The word Long chooses, Henan Yi Shiren, the original Dongping (now Shandong). Less scholars. Shenlong moved to the middle of the book. Rui Zong was appointed as the Department of the Ministry of Education, Guangzhou Governor. Jing Yun was the governor of Shaanxi Province, the history of the governor of Yizhou, and the history of the Jiannan Road. He has been responsible for the performance. He was awarded the award by Rui Zongshu, and later served as Yu Shifu and Feng Weixian. Xuanzong Shiguan to Henan Yin, Hushang Shangshu. The articles have been dilated, and no works have been handed down.