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Chinese poet Chen Cun

Chen Cun (陈存)

Song Dynasty

Chen Cun, font Ren, No. Ben Zhai, Longquan (now Zhejiang), moved to Anji (now Zhejiang Huzhou). In the seven years of the reign of Emperor Lizong (1,247). In the first year of Kaiqing (1,259), the ambassador of Huaidong was appointed as the director of the machine. In the first year of Jingding (1260), the work of Zuo Lang ("Southern Song Dynasty Pavilion Renewal", Volumes VIII and IX). From the Ministry of Military Affairs, the book is known as the Qing Dynasty and the coastal system. Song died, Professor Gui Li was a student, and Yuan Qi could not afford it. Seeing Qing Zhengzheng "Zhejiang Tongzhi" volume one to five, Tongzhi "Huzhou Fuzhi" volume 90. Five poems are recorded here.