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Chinese poet Cao Xiugu

Cao Xiugu (曹修古)

Song Dynasty

Cao Xiu Gu (?-1033), the words, Jianzhou Jian'an (now Fujian Jianye) people. Song Dazhong Xiang Fu first year (1008) Jinshi. In the five years of Tiansheng (1027), Xiugu became the prefect of Chuzhou, and was soon transferred to Nanjian Prefecture. Later, he was re-appointed as the judge of Kaifeng, and adjusted the history of the imperial court. During this period, Zhang Taihou was involved in political affairs and served with power. When the Queen Mother of the Queen, Liu Chongde, was transferred from Xiangzhou, she died on the way. The Queen Mother hired more than 80 people, including his inner and outer marriage and child servants. Xiu Gu and the temple official Yang Lan and other officials wrote a thesis, and asked the Queen Mother to return to the political power, so he was demoted to work as a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, known as the Xinghua Army. After the encounter with the sergeant, he did not return to Kyoto, and died in the Xinghua Army.