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Chinese poet Bailing

Bailing (百龄)

Qing Dynasty

Bailing (1748-1816) Qing Han Army is a yellow flag, Zhang, the word chrysanthemum. Qianlong Jinshi, awarded the Hanlin Academy for editing. Known as a name. At the end of the Qianlong period, he went to the censor. In the thirty-seventh year of Qianlong’s reign, he was chosen as a custody. In the hospital, Agui is heavy, and he said: "The public auxiliary equipment is also!" Supervised Shanxi learning politics, changing the royal history, and worshiping the heavens and the Shuntian government. Only one hundred years old is self-defense, not doing it, and returning to idle ten years. After Ren Zong’s pro-government, he began to add up.